Well, hello there! welcome to my new blog. I’m very new to this, so please stick with me;)

I am very happily married for 8 years to my best friend. Seriously, he’s awesome. I know that basically sounds cliche now,  but we hang out and laugh together and tell each other everything. We love and support each other, stick up for each other, stay up late dreaming together. Sounds like a best friend to me!  My favorite thing to do with my BFF is parent together. We both love love love our kids. They are so much fun. They  make us laugh everyday.

We got married young (as in within the first year of college) and had our first baby about a year later. Can you say honeymoon baby? lol She is seven and is absolutely wonderful. Our second is three and he’s a rock star. They are both so sweet and smart, but Mostly fun!

We are also in ministry. We are kids pastors. Can you tell we love kids? We are actually planting a church right now! I’m sure I’ll talk about that a lot too.

We are a bible reading, praying, playing, whole food eating, pastoring,baby wearing, toddler wearing, toddler led weaning,  Breastfeeding (well, I guess that part’s just me lol), homeschooling, crafting, adventuring, herbal-ing?, worship leading family. I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of our life through this blog;)


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