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Painted Fall Acorns



Ok so this is craft was actually Elle’s idea originally:) She loves to collect things while we are out on our nature walks. Annnd she also likes to paint things. So she wanted to know if we could paint the acorns she was collecting. I looked it up online for some info on it and found this blog:


And I am SOOO glad that I looked it up because in that blog she said something about a little creature, or “beastie” as she put it, that lives in acorns and then comes out. That’s why a lot of acorns have that tiny little hole in them. I learned in the comments on her blog to bake them in a 200 degree oven for an hour to kill them and prevent them from crawling out while you’re crafting. BUT, as I said, Elle likes to collect things. She collected some acorns the other day and had some stored in her crayon box. She opened it up and…..oh my gosh!!! We both FREAKED! Lol they are these fat little grub looking worm things! Blehhhhh!!! (Simba would’ve eaten them on Lion King) ahhhh! Don’t let that tiny little hole in the acorn fool you, it’s much fatter than that hole! I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I had just been painting and one crawled out or I felt it on my finger pushing through. I have chills just typing this! Ugh! Anyway….back to happy things…..

We went for our walk and collected some acorns….



Mr. Minion came with us too, and enjoyed chewing on an acorn while the kids hunted for more


I baked them to prevent more nasty grub worm things while the kids napped and I cleaned. Then after nap time, we started painting them.



After they were dry, I started hot gluing the tops back onto them.


Here’s the finished product. Aren’t they the cutest?!?


We have a lot of stuff this color blue in our apartment, so now they match! As you can see in the first picture at the top, I just added them to our little fall vase thing with corn kernels and hemp:) I love them. So now be inspired to go and make your own…..just make sure you bake those gross things out! LOL